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Master MIxes,
Primer and beacon reagents,
Plasmid DNA

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BSA100Bovine Serum Albumin (1mg/ml) PDF 0.100ml$15.00
MM150T4 Master Mix [Quasar670-BHQ2] PDF 0.175ml$32.00
MM160T4 Master Mix [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.175ml$32.00
PP100T4 Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP150T4 Primers & Beacon [Quasar670-BHQ2] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP201Qbeta Primers & Beacon [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP250Qbeta Primers & Beacon [Quasar670-BHQ2] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PLAS300Bordetella pertussis Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS400Bordetella parapertussis Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PP500Influenza A Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PLAS500Influenza A Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PP600Influenza B Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PLAS600Influenza B Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS1300Chlamydia trachomatis Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS1400Herpes simplex virus Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS1500Cytomegalovirus Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS1600Varicella-zoster virus Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS1700HHV6 Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS1800Epstein-Barr virus Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PP1900Enterovirus Primers & Beacon [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PLAS1900Enterovirus Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS2200Staphlococcus aureus MecA Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS3400Chlamydia pneumoniae Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS4300Streptococcus agalactiae (Group B) Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS5400Legionella species Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS5700BK (polyomavirus) Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS5800JC (polyomavirus) Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PLAS6000Borrellia species (Lymes disease) Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PP300Bordetella pertussis Primer & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
AM10AttoMaster 2X Mix for qPCR PDF 1.25ml$100.00
PP5700BK (polyomavirus) Primer & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP400Bordetella parapertussis Primer & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP3400Chlamydia pneumoniae Primer & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP1300Chlamydia trachomatis Primer & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP1500Cytomegalovirus Primer & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP1800Epstein-Barr virus Primer & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PLAS2800Streptococcus pyogenes SpeB Plasmid PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PP2800Streptococcus pyogenes SpeB Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP4300Streptococcus agalactiae (Group B) Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP1700HHV6 Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP1400Herpes simplex virus Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP5800JC (polyomavirus) Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP6000Borrellia species (Lymes disease) Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP5400Legionella species Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP6300Neiserria gonorrhoeae Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PLAS6300Neiserria gonorrhoeae Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PP2200Staphlococcus aureus MecA Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP5000Toxoplasma gondii Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PLAS5000Toxoplasma gondii Plasmid [200pg/ml] PDF 0.250ml$35.00
PP1600Varicella-zoster virus Primers & Probe [FAM-BHQ1] PDF 0.055ml$100.00
PP161T4 Primers & Beacon for MULTIPLEXING [Quasar670-BHQ2] PDF 0.2ml$360.00
PLAS105T4 Plasmid [2000pg/ml] PDF 1ml$35.00
PLAS205Qbeta Plasmid [2000pg/ml] PDF 1ml$35.00
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Master mixes include: primers, probes, dNTPs, and buffer including magnesium. These reagents are ready to use after the addition of Taq and sample nucleic acid.

Primer and probe reagents are ready to use with commercial 2X master mixes. The probes are molecular beacons1 for Real-Time detection in a variety of instruments.

Highly sensitive fluorophores and quenchers are available, including: FAM, Quasar® 670, and the Black Hole Quencher® dyes2.

An analytical grade plasmid DNA preparation, containing the DNA PCR target, is available at 200 pg/ml. The analytical sensitivity of the PCR assay may be determined using the plasmid standard.

(Limits are imposed on quantitation by the biology of sequence variation that may be present in the nucleic acids of all of these infectious disease agents.)

For research use only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.
1: This product is sold under license from the Public Health Research Institute. It may be used under PHRI Patent Rights only for the purchaser’s research and development activities.
2: ‘Black Hole Quencher,’, ‘CAL Fluor,’ ‘Pulsar’ and ‘Quasar ’ are trademarks of and licensed by Biosearch Technologies, Inc., Novato, CA. The BHQ, CAL Fluor, Pulsar and Quasar dye technology is the subject of existing or pending patents including US Patent No. 7,019,129 and is licensed and sold under agreement with Biosearch Technologies, Inc.
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