BAC200 – Qbeta Bacteriophage


Volume: 0.5ml / vial

Store at –20°C

Qß bacteriophage controls for the following:

  • efficiency of RNA extraction,
  • reverse  transcription,
  • PCR amplification inhibitors,
  • presence of intact amplification reagents (reverse transcriptase, Taq, buffers, dNTPs),
  • instrument functions (thermal cycling and fluorescence detection system).

Qß Bacteriophage can be used as an internal or external control.

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Qß contains a 4160bp ssRNA genome and adds a known amount of RNA, when added to a sample.

The Qß RNA can then be extracted, amplified, and detected as a control.

Bacteriophage Qß is a small ssRNA bacteriophage isolated by Loeb (1) and described in 1961 by Loeb and Zinder. (2)


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